Customized digital marketing for Agribusiness

The above meme, if asked in the context of using the power of the internet then this digital marketing comes first in the minds of the people who are already in the business. I don’t wonder if in the future not knowing how to operate a smartphone considered to be a sign of illiteracy. Digital marketing is one of those bright prospects glooming due to the increased internet users and this article is clearly meant for beginners who think about digital marketing and are skeptical about the need for it in propelling their careers.

Before delving into digital marketing let’s know why does marketing hold prime importance in any organization. Marketing in the modern world is all about making the product fit for the customers based on the research considering the customer preference and the problem that the product solves for a customer.

Marketing mix – 4 Ps for effective marketing of a product.

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Components of the Marketing mix

Product: Product should be aimed at solving the pain point of a customer and an extraordinary product reduces the promotion cost to an extent and ensures customer loyalty.

Price: The value at which a customer buys a product and which is based on the manufacturing cost, R&D, wages, and salaries of the employees who are involved in bringing that product. We can even fix the price based on the value that a product offers to its customers (Value pricing).

Place: Wherethe customers come to buy the product and it has to be decided based on customer survey and type of products. Customers can be divided into many market segments based on their gender, lifestyle, and socio-economic status.

Promotion: Important process in making the product more visible to the end-users by combining the promotional activities such as above the line (mass media) and below the line (campaign, direct mail, one to one contact).

Types of marketing

Many organizations try to be the best in whichever industry they’re operating, but to be sustainable it is important to be a synonym of the business you’re in. Just imagine the way “Xerox” is another name for photocopy and “Google’’ for the search engine. The marketing in this era is altogether a different ball game which is driven by the technological advancement that led to a new thing called “ Digital marketing”. Let us get into knowing about that game-changer.

Traditional V/S Digital marketing

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Traditional marketing means marketing through conventional media like direct mail, one-to-one contact, cold calling prospects, campaigns, demonstrations, etc.

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Digital marketing is a new age technique that uses the internet and electronic media to sell products. Anything that includes social media, email, websites, blogs, affiliate marketing to drive the traffic and to turn the potential prospects into customers.

Digital marketing is the future as the number of smartphone users has been increasing year by year. It is becoming easy to get the attention of the prospects through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Read out a well written article about future of digital marketing by Purvi 

Know more about digital marketing by Sriraksha here

The commonly used digital marketing techniques are social media marketing, E-mail marketing, content marketing, SEO, and marketing automation. Integrated use of all these help to get more outcome than a single technique.

Agribusiness is changing from conventional to more of an enterprise. The reason is more people coming to it knowing the potential and are reaping good. Digital marketing for agribusiness is also gaining more importance. These are some of the tools that we can customize for an agribusiness firm to make it more profitable. Let us discuss them;

Customizable digital marketing tools for an Agribusiness

  1. Content marketing: Agribusiness is all about developing the content that pleases certain end users like farmers, traders, an organization to make the decisions which are strategic in nature. The content types include a package of practices for crops, price trends of a particular commodity, industry analysis, and B2B services for an organization. check this article by Nayana prasad for content marketing basics.
  2. Lead generation and marketing automation: Lead generation through email marketing tools plays an important part in B2B marketing. Marketing automation helps to re-target them through series of emails customized for them. B2C marketing helps to build a custom list of farmer’s contact numbers, sending them the content based on the crop they grow like the best products to use for that crop, value addition for fetching more price.
  3. Social media marketing: One can’t simply ignore social media in the 21st century and the agribusiness industry is not an exception. There are around 140 million farmers in India and by 2025 at least 100 million will have access to smartphones. The easy to use social media like Facebook and Youtube help in the marketing strategies. Segmenting the customers into crop-specific and demographic groups. These methods are more effective than traditional methods where the ROI is less and the outcome tracking is a tedious task. Check some social media tools by Digitaldeepak here
  4. SEO: Search engine optimization is nothing but optimizing your website for users. This is all about ranking your content higher and drive traffic to a particular page or post. A detailed explanation of SEO is put by Digital Tarang in this article

One of the efficient ways to get started with digital marketing is the Digital Deepak Internship program and check out the review of the same by Harini Krishnan. The above Digital marketing techniques help to take the plunge and make the business grow more. 

Here in Drive Agribusiness, we strive to give customized digital solutions to make the business and farmers. We are happy to hear from you about the expectations met through this article and do check our website for more such articles.

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